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destination wedding mexico weddings puerto aventuras mexicoEvent - Colin's 70th Birthday Mardi Gras Bash

Event Location

Grounds of Villas del Mar complex in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Event Description

This was an event that took planning for 100 guests around the beautifully landscaped common area of Villas del mar complex.

The celebration called for variety since all the guests were non Mexican, but the celebration was around carnival time, so the idea was to give them all a treat of this wonderful culture, and an unforgettable party.

There were no readily available facilities so we brought in all the equipment necessary for the occasion, tents, stages and lighting.

The theme was Mardi gras and everyone had to come with at least a mask or better yet a full custom, but we also incorporated Mexican and Mayan traditions from food to a full show.

Javier Alarcon, renowned Cancun choreographer put together a 1 hour show exhibiting Mexican history from the times of the Maya until today. The entertainment began with the sound or seashell horns, followed by the deer, the owl and the butterfly dance accompanied by flute and drum beats.

Afterwards, the crowd was invited to participate and dance along. The grand finale of the show was the jarocho dance accompanied by the Mariachi group.

We put together a Mexican buffet with tamales, ceviche, guacamole and of course tacos al pastor. Towards the end of the evening we had a "special" piñata with spirit treats just designed for the crowd.

Guest comments...

Gina, You did such a great job. What a success! The dancers were incredible! I have never seeing anything more beautiful, every time I thought the show was over there were more dancers with more great costumes! The food… loved the food! The tacos were the best I have ever had. Wonderful, wonderful party.

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