Sport Fishing

Sport FIshing on the Riviera Maya

The excitement of catching one of these magnificent pelagics (sailfish, mahi mahi, marlin, wahoo) is a stones throw away. So if you ever wanted to try to reel in a big trophy fish, this vacation is your best shot! Not only is it very affordable, it may be done in a four hour trip

The Yucatan channel is world known for its fish and often is listed as the best place in the world if you want to catch sailfish or white marlin. So hop aboard the Flyin Fish and join the crew as we search for the fish of a lifetime!

When you call or email, you deal directly with Capt. Andy, not some sales person/fleet operator/commission agent, so your Captain will probably reply early or late night: he is probably out catching!

Captain Andy is the only American bilingual captain chartering the Riviera Maya, having fished these grounds for over twenty years, he is also the most experienced! Capt Andy started fishing here with a 23 foot SeaCraft back in 89. In 93, started chartering the SeaCraft along with Capt Rick Ogles 31 Bertram, The Sportsman. Rick got a good job offer in Guatemala and left. So Capt Andy was in business.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the business took off- To the tune of eleven boats and 4,500 trips a year! This growth kept Capt Andy in the office and did not let him do what he likes to do- FISH! So, the business was sold in 2003, and he purchased the Flyin Fish. Unfortunately, he does not read contracts well, and signed a 10yr non- compete, so he had to charter the Flyin Fish under the Capt Ricks office. Well, 10 years later, he is on his own and wanting to FISH.

Capt. Andy is no old, grumpy, salt set in his ways- he is willing to do what it takes to catch fish! And of course he is willing to try new stuff, so feel free to bring your gear/tackle.

Having a degree in Marine Biology and the coursework and most of a dissertation for PhD in Biology, he is interested in understanding fish and of course, conservation. All billfish are released, and everything possible is done so that it is a healthy release.